What Mass Email Software aka Auto Responder Is All About

IF you were asking me this question not so long ago, I might have told you that what Mass Email Software is all about is simply that: some kind of intelligent software, or program, that enables you to send several emails simultaneously. Well, it might be only for the better that it is only now that the question is coming up ! Why ?

Have you been around the marketing or sales industry lately ? if you have been on the professional side, and even if you are selling sometimes, as a hobby maybe - you are in for a serious surprise.

All because the current mass email software is actually a combination of what we used to know as a private secretary, a top quality calendar, a CRM (Customers Relations Management) tool, several FREE non-paid workers - ALL COMBINED !

Top of the line Auto Responders (also known as mass email software) are all about taking what used to be some of the toughest and most eroding of all tasks in business - creating rapport with potential customers. Building long term relationships. All, in order to generate repetitive sales.

Why is considered as "hard" and "demanding" so much ?

Because as good marketers will tell you - sales are actually tending to people's real needs. Offering real solutions. Making money by helping other people. Yet, in order to do so, it may take time to develop the needed trust. More than not, continuous contacts are crucial. BUT, in the normal days of most businesses these are hard to come by. You simply cannot nag people just in the hope they will buy from you at a specific time (well, actually, there those who do cross the privacy boundaries in order to close sales. But I believe that when you want good for yourself and your family - you should not do it by harming others. What do YOU think ?)/

This is one aspects where these mass email marketing software come in handy - after you receive your customer's (or potential customer's) agreement to join your mailing llist to receive periodical emails with a business connotation - most other work is literally done for you by these wonderful programs:
* The collection of clients info
* Organizing the mailing lists
* Sending specific content at specific interval or days in the calendar
* Following up with up-sell and down sell offers (sometimes more than just one of each)
* Following with the most important customers' response surveys
And, there is much more...

So, if you already have an internet or an off line business that needs some things to be done more easily, a lot cheaper and right on time - you have my recommendation to invest a little time to discover how best to make this work for you too.

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