Thank you for taking the time and effort to visit here. If this is the first time that we meet, here are some words about myself. I hope they will help us find some common ground to develop this relationship further:

With several years in the study of biology and chinese medicine at the academy, since around 1988   I 've been involved in healthcare and integrated-complementary medicine. Continuous learning and application led me to progress from private clinical practice and personal training to building and managing my own independent consulting firm.
At the time, we operated four divisions with 49 employees and freelancers, specializing in better-human-performance. Offering and applying our services in private, commercial and governmental organizations.

Always looking to growing and developing more, in 2000 I've accepted an invitation to join and build an international marketing network, empasizing a holistic approach towards better life quality. This network is now embracing several thousands privately-owned home-based small to medium businesses in most continents.

Due to hard to quench inquisitiveness, along the way I also came to be deeply involved in green-tech, environmental issues and... internet marketing. Here, I was asked to join as a co-partner an internet company specializing in unique content and support aimed to help the success of international SMBs.

On a more personal level, my lovely wife and I are the proud parents of three. Extreme sports, especially mountain biking, long hikes and kayaking are taking significant time in my life. World wide travel is also a nice benefit we like to experience together.

Always optimistic by nature, I believe there is a solution to any problem. That the human spirit can, and should be the compass of how we lead our life. That Man can succeed the most with humble approach to life, always taking into account other people, creatures and environment into one dynamic equilibrium.

My personal specialty being the promotion of better performance in the dynamic equilibrium of Man-Environment-Technology. To serve the best that I can, for many years I take part as a special information marketing and development consultant, both for local and international Health-Environment oriented businesses and governmental organizations . .

When this is the arena you are active in, or interested in becoming active, too - please contact me here and I will be glad to provide any assistance I am capable of.