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Being involved in business and business consulting for many years, I believe there are two main approaches towards how to start and manage a home based or small and medium business. One approach has a lot to do with emotions, gut feelings and luck, or karma. The other, is where you invest more mental thinking and try to estimate the risks and potential in advance.

The followers of the first route sometimes turn chalk white just to the mention of any pre-order and the creation of a business plan. Interestingly enough, this does not neccessarily mean that they fail more along the way, but they tend to rely on investing a lot of energy into moving (sometimes) even mountains with much needed enthusiasm.

Those who "think first" often times prefer to hold a clear road map in advance. The beginning of which is a most crucial, clear to understand, details you may find in a business plan.

When you proceed from here to use either path, my advice to you is Please, First Take A Look What A Business Plan Actually Is.

The information contained in a good business plan may even become as great surprise to some. Wheather you will actually use the full plan later on is another matter.
It seems to me that many times, and quite surprisingly, this is what will save you a lot of time and money to reach your personal business destination. More than not, just taking a serious glance at the different areas the business plan relates to may save a lot of agony and be a very significant tool on your own way to success.

Moreover, if you find that there is a need for some seed capital, some kind of an outside invetment or a loan - a clear picture will do wonders. Investors (these are the people who mainly want to see a significant return on their investment) see this as a basic starting point to even considering their involvement. Not because of the nice sound of the term, but since it enables to clearly see what it's all about and what lies ahead: the idea, the estimated potential, the customers, the intended management and experience, the competition and the expected ways of operation towards success.

After all, wouldn't you like to lower the risks and improve the odds too ?

For these purposes, I colected here for you a unique collection:

Free and paid business Plan Templates, for specific home based small and medium businesses. Since there are a lot of ideas and offers - I invest my personal time and experience to give you my best estimates, after reviewing their content and unique offers. Where the business plans have not passed my personal scrutiny - it is mentioned specifically. You may download and use them right now, or read my review when it is completed.

So, My Personal Reviews are the additional touch. For your convenience and since I believe your time is very important too - every review contain starts with a brief summary. If needed, you may continue reading or go directly to download the specific businees plan template.

Where needed, I have gathered some additional specific Marketing Plans. to these I also add my evaluation, offered to you free same as the business plans.


Quite the same as the business community is lively and energetic - there is the sparkle of new business ideas and the need for new, updated business plan templates. These are always growing and accumulating here, behind the scenes. To make sure they are available to you ASAP - just one moment after the review's completion, when the preparation is completed and it has gained the professional credit – it is uploaded and appears right here.

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