FREE tools to help make life easier when looking for Internet Marketing Success

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Would you like to enjoy FREE tools to help you make life easier when you are looking for Internet Marketing Success ?

"When everybody is only looking for profit in commerce – you want to say that there are some who actually offer stuff for free ?!" 
Amazing as this may sound to you. The answer is – YES !! and more than not - not just "stuff" but with high quality as well. Yet, at the same time there are some things you should know and pay attention to, before rushing to jump on any opportunity to download the free software, video clip, song or other content from the Internet.

You might say there are 3 main intentions behind any free, downloadable options:

1. The net should be available and free to all
As can be understood from the name, this applies to content as well as technologies - software and free information – developed and created by members of the current advocate of an Internet network open to all. Those who oppose strongly the huge profits the giant software & services suppliers sweep (putting the cross hairs on giants like Microsoft), or the desire of "Big Brother" to invade and dominate the lives of citizens. So, this is mainly a matter of attitude.

This may surprise you, but it is a huge crowd of talented and gifted people, who make day and night to develop and update. At all times, equivalent programs to what otherwise you buy with a lot of money.

Yes, you read correctly – There's NO need to steal, or download make-believe "free" to get around the legal license and risk the infringement of rights.

Since developers do it quite seriously and responsibly, such contents can be found as singles or complete assemblies enabling you to surf the net and manage your business from home. These include, for example, browsers like Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer, for example. Thus, you will find the option to download free software programs that provide almost everything you find in Microsoft's Office package. But ... as an "open source" version.

In the FREE service package called "Open Office" - you can find all the tools that are available in the well known Microsoft Office package. What can be purchased through Microsoft's representatives network with significant cash (considered especially expensive for a home based business, small or medium, that still does not stand on a sound footing) - you can download absolutely free. Among other things, they include: A free word processor (Word substitute), an electronic spreadsheet program (substituting the famous Excel), free presentations editing software (replacement for PowerPoint) and more.

** Please note:
Typically, we are talking here about responsible and serious software. However, because developers do not receive direct financial reward for their work, their update rate is not fixed. Therefore, you should be in contact with suppliers and developer sites, to ask questions and update them if necessary in forums (some of the programs already include the option to receive automatic reminders when a new update comes out).

2. A method to insert advertising and promote paid services
This is to say that this is a great marketing tool, and a wonderful representation of the reciprocity approach, the WIN-WIN in the business world. Something in the style of: "Want a free service? We also want something ... how about if we cooperated?". Here, various development, content or services companies choose to use the help of real surfers to promote their products.

Their way of achieving this is simple - offer a service that has demand, and even more in demand when offered for free. Give a certain version of the service for FREE - provided that a portion of the software, product or content includes advertising space and exposure which the company that gives the "gift" controls.
** Note - while downloading a responsible supplier asks you sign the agreement to the terms, as a pre-condition before the download completes. You may want to take your time to read
and not rush to sign automatically. Some of us are also careful to keep a copy of the agreement.

In various ways (which also include the planting of "representatives" on your computer, in the form of "cookies"), the company creates a connection between those who are browsing to its free product and the expanded services that are offered paid-only. Thus, she gathers important data for marketing and sales as well as for the research department, for further development of the product.

There is a very large range of services that you can download to your business for free. In a minute you will meet several of the leading examples. To find more – sign up to receive our Hot FREE Internet Marketing Review and also use the search engines, adding "free" to any software download or service you are looking for.

And to the promised examples: You can download free conferencing systems (Skype is a good example), programming for reading and safe transfer of documents (Primo PDF and Adobe Acrobat reader) or freeware video editing (like Video Spin).

Note that, in different locations you will see from a few links to banners, flash clips and even videos - all devoted to the advertising of products, services and accessories you do not have any connection to. Furthermore, if you own a business, or want to promote your own product or service, many times what appears in the publication around is the product, or service, of your competitors. This is, as an example, what Google, the free online search engine, does – sell paid ads spaces – that's also known as AdWords PPC).

Is that good or bad? It depends.
If you're launching a new business right now, and your budget is very limited - it can be a great way to start with a minimal financial investment. It can also be a good way to start and gain experience in this fascinating world called internet marketing.

** All along, it is important to remember that free gifts are something to be aware of! This means that if someone offers you something for nothing - he, apparently, already knows how to monetize it, turn it into money. It's not bad, per se. Especially because you can learn from this as well - how it's done and do the same (and even better) in due time.

3. Terrorism / Crime.Com
It's quite possible that you've already heard that some refer to our time as the era of cyber terrorism (up to date terrorism that uses the internet facilities as its means or targets). Yes, that's right. For quite some time it is no more a matter of science fiction stories. Intrusion of hackers, or hacking into networks - is a serious phenomenon, at least as the physical penetration of a thief or burglar to your home.
There are many who are tempted to try it, behind the protective screen and the (allegedly) anonymity offered by the computer. For some of these offenders, penetration into your home using fine words and a seductive gift - is much easier than the use of clear and brutal force. So, pay attention!

How would you know that what you choose to download for free first pass through the security filters and your defense systems?

The two ground rules to always apply are:

1. Be sure to download your free software only from well known and endorsed websites.
2. Let the defense systems of your server (your ISP) and your computer filters (anti-virus, anti spam, firewall ...) check out an offer for free download before you download it, or before you open the file to install after downloading.

Learn & Apply for improved protection:
Read the this section of our Internet Marketing Review with white papers from Tech Republic.
Find out how to use available defense systems to protect what is dear to you from unwanted intrusion via the Internet.




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