does fake it until you make it attitude really work

How many times have you heard this phrase, or used it yourself: "fake it until you make it" ? does_fake_it_until_you_make_it_attitude_really_workAlong the years, I have known many to use it in some form or other, especially people new to the world of business, looking to reach success, yet starting from a low (real or perceived) starting place.

Would I recommend to use this concept too ? does it really help on the way to having a better life, reaching higher success, earning significantly more ?

What I am about to share with you here might appear to be utopic, "child like" and over optimistic approach to "real" life. Yet, you are invited to form your own personal view after reading this.

Success, in my perception, is the culmination, the meeting place of several components. To mention some of them, they are one's unique talents (what some term as "genius"), loves, commitments in life, personal added value to whatever and whomever you are doing thigs with, using the right business model (the way to transform ideas and action into money). In order to achieve these, to know your true faculties, to be able to pply them to BE successful - there is one core issue you MUST have. That is be truthful, completely sincere. This should be first applied to yourself, and further developed into all other venues in your life.

As it might be quite clear now "faking it" has nothing to do with this kind of success. The success that has deep, core, internal roots. When you choose to fake something you are already on your way to creating a maze, a tangle of threads, you will need a lot of effort to try and solve later on.
So, why start your way to success by inviting tangles and complexities instead of truth and simplicty ?

One the most fundamental truths I have learned to accept as a way to live and also to promote success is Keep It Simple. Can you see the two are related ?

At this time you might be wondering "So, why do so many people go about using this faking idea" ?
My answer, is that many people tend to look no deeper than the surface, at what "seems" to be the realities. , Quite obviously,
this may lead to the belief that "if I will just look like him / her - I will for sure be as successful as he / she is". Yet, almost nothing can be as FAR from the truth as this. Even if it might appear to be a good idea for a short while, in the longer term you may be asking yourself "do I really want to be this someone else" ?

When your wish is to be as successful as YOU can - please, look deep inside yourself. Let your inner light shine out - you will be AMAZED to find that people will relate more to your light, to your personal aura, than to any kind of fancy clothing, fancy car of so called "status" symbols. That is, as long as these symbols are not really attached to who you really and truly are.

In conclusion, let me highlight this - when you choose to drive an eye catching car, to wear impressive clothes and jewlery etc. (they may all give a wonderful feeling), make them just one way of exposing to the outside world your true, inner qualities and success.


*** A quick note: using the terms "your inner light" and "aura" tends to create different kinds of responses with different people. If you are connected with these concepts - that is fine. If you are not connected, or see them as "new age" drivel - this is your prerogative of course. What I do invite you to consider though, is the possibilty that other people see in you things you may NOT be aware of (in the good sense) - and when they do - they immedietly respond to them.
Their "seeing" is another way to understand how strong this concept is. 


Wish you true and whole success,



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